JSC «Crimean Fruit Company»

We propose only those products
 which were grown by us
  with love at Crimean land!

Production of the fruits

At the beginning of its business JSC "Crimean Fruit Company" processed about 1000 hectares of land mostly old, neglected orchards of apples, vineyards and peach.

Since 2004, the company started laying of new perennial plantations and vineyards.

Over the period 2004-2014 the number of leased land from the population (term contracts from 25 to 49 years) reached 63860,6086 ha.

These areas of land and fixed assets are located in all climatic zones of the Crimea (mountain, piedmont, steppe).

For more detailed information regarding the purchase, the availability or delivery range submitted to our company, please contact the sales department.

Storage and preselling preparation

Storage of fruits is carried out in 90 refrigerating cells with the adjustable gas environment capacity of 13 500 tons production that completely answering to the European standards and requirements of vegetables and fruits storage . Also a packing and commodity processing line for packing production: wild strawberry, sweet cherries, apples and pears is used.

JSC “CFC” has launched project of building a large logistic center. In September 2013 firs part of the project has been completed and installed sorting line. Everything is automated and is perfectly designed for the industrial processing of apples with high accuracy and efficiency.