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Description of the nursery

In 2007, with assistance of the Ukrainian State Service for the protection of plant varieties and Ukrainian pomology ampelographical inspection on the base of JSC "Crimean fruit company" was founded Krasnogvardeiskaya fruit station for the purpose of detailed study, inspection and testing of new varieties, the development of high-grade technology and adaptation of promising zoned varieties of fruit crops and grapes to the conditions of Crimea.

To study the full range of varieties planted in the branch "Zvezdnoe" there was created a a structural subdivision - the Center after-registration breeds test of fruit and berry crops, also motherplant was laid, there is a stick orchard and the nursery with area of 215 hectares, which is one of the largest nursery in the Europe. Here, following all the requirements of consultants from Italy and Germany on the virus-free grown technology high quality seedlings are grown. On the recommendation of the consultants were bought the most modern equipment for the nursery.

In spring 2006 elite and superelite virus-free material from Netherlands was brought: the rootstocks of apple trees M-9 T 337 and the rootstocks of pear BA-29, which were laid as vegetative motherplants rootstocks of pip fruits on the area of 30 hectares.

Production potential of apple saplings on the rootstock M-9 T337 Knipe Baum Standard A3-5, A5-7, an improvement pears saplings on rootstock BA-29, peach saplings and nectarine on modern undersized rootstock GF-677, the best varieties of domestic and foreign selection is 3 -3.5 million.

Along with the already mentioned a stick orchard of scions in the nursery with the area of 27 hectares was laid.

The saplings of Knip Baum type allow to get the commercial output 40-70 centners per a hectare in the first year of planting if the growth technology is fulfilled. This is the main components of the economy of intensive garden.

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Map of the intensive planting garden seedlings Knipe Baum:

  1. Site selection:
    a) climatic conditions;
    b) relief;
    c) soil conditions;
  2. Selection of varieties;
  3. Order of the project;
  4. Trenching;
  5. Making a trenching fertilizers according agrochemanalysis (NPK + 30-40 t / ha of manure);
  6. A breakdown of the site (if not performed trenching, make strip trenching);
  7. Installation of the drip irrigation system:
    a) node fertilizer (venturi valve, booster, dandy jet);
    b) tubing and assembling trickle line;
    c) filtration unit;
  8. Installation trellis;
  9. Planting of seedlings in the ground with reference to tapestry.

It is important to remember:

  • The timing of planting must take into account, that according to research root growth throughout the year is as follows: from abscission leaves to bud in the spring growth of 80% in the rest period of 20%. So at planting apple trees in the autumn garden seedlings Knipe Baum for the next year you can get 4 - 7 tons per hectare of production.
  • Set the trellis and installation of drip irrigation system should be carried out before planting in the ground.
  • The distance between the emitters of drip line should be 50 - 75 cm.
  • The performance of the irrigation system should be 65 cubic meters per day.
  • The thickness of the garden drip tube shouldn't be less than 350 microns.
  • For the exact distribution of irrigation water on site and, consequently, fertilizer drip tube should be compensated.